my power farm

International investment platform in the field of renewable energy

MPF intended to raise investments either by selling security tokens emitted through the tokenization of power plants’ nominal capacity or, more conventionally, by selling corporate bonds. We have assisted MPF with all internal matters including, but not limited to:

  • creating contractual framework
  • liaising with potential partners and investors
  • defining the most applicable provider of regulatory hosting
  • assisting during the set-up of international bank accounts
  • protecting intellectual property rights and obtaining a U.S. business patent.
we can

Canada-based manufacturer of medical and recreational marijuana

WEECANN tokenized its business and legally attracted additional investments from around the world. DL specialists advised them on:

  • shaping corporate structure
  • liaising with international contractors concerning companies registrations and bank accounts set-ups
  • negotiating with financial regulators in Estonia, Singapore, Malta, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein, USA and Canada.
  • trademark registration in more than 30 countries

A wish-sharing platform that matches customers and personalized offers from curated vendors

The project required holistic legal guidance on setting up a U.S. based regulatory exempt marketplace, assisting with investment fundraising, contractual management, cross-border tax planning and corporate advisory.

DL legal support included:

  • international corporate structuring advisory
  • U.S. investment regulations consulting and contractual framework creation
  • personal data and intellectual property rights protection
  • liaising with U.S. banks and financial institutions
  • fundraising legal support and advisory

3D bone-printing developer of an on-demand personalized implant manufacturing infrastructure

DL advised a U.S.-based company on corporate, IP, regulatory and fundraising matters. Special attention was paid to regulations impacting the 3D bone printing in the U.S.

Our legal support included:

  • fundraising tax and legal advisory
  • advice on business idea and IP rights registration and protection
  • contract management and international corporate structuring
  • analysis of U.S. securities legislation and medical bylaws

Web 3.0 DAO-based metaverse with real-world use case in NFT gaming

Memoverse is a WEB 3.0 game of human memory, creating an ecosystem of decentralized virtual memory palaces that enable people to remember anything. Digital Lawyers advised Memoverse on possibilities of setting up a DAO and NFT marketplace. DL’s project support included:

  • regulated and non-regulated structuring options for DAO and NFT marketplace
  • legal analysis of utility and security token nature
  • international corporate set up and advisory
  • evidence gathering and forensic support in relation to a tech scam in Indonesia
  • U.S. securities regulations advisory
  • contract drafting and management

International Fintech project with a liquidity generating protocol with staking opportunities

Complex legal support was provided to a tokenized Web3 Fintech business interested in launching an NFT marketplace. DL’s advice included:

  • international corporate structuring solutions
  • advising on PoS rewards distribution (staking)
  • regulated and unregulated business solutions
  • NFT marketplace launch and CEX/DEX listing

A European travel insurance service

Technological Estonian startup with Ukrainian roots working in the field of travel insurance and passenger health. DL’s legal support related to an M&A deal on acquiring a Cyprus-based insurance service. Our legal support covered:

  • consulting on Estonia-Cyprus M&A deal closure
  • analyzing local corporate and tax legislation
  • preparing pre-deal documentaion and advisory support

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