Let's find out if you need GDPR-compliance Just answer 3 simple questions!

Your company is registered in EU and collects personal data of EU citizens?

personal data are IP addresses, phone numbers, personal preferencec etc.

Does your company sell goods or services to EU citizens or your domain is located in EU country?

Does your company track or monitor behaviour of EU citizens?

for example, does your company pefrorm any aperations with cookies?

At least one "Yes" means that your company
must be GDPR-compliant!

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GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation.
It’s a legal framework that sets rules for the collection
and processing of personal data
within the European Union

But what does it
mean to you?

A lot of policies and disclaimers on website

Privacy / Compliance & Security / Payment / Cookie Policies etc.

Improved registration page for new users

With minimum number of rows, checkbox for Policies, etc.

user's account

Some buttons (like 'Export Personal Data' ) must be added

Additional website's functionality

Automatic deletion of needless personal data, etc

Maybe, you need to appoint a DPO.
Or maybe not

GDPR establishes conditions when it’s required to assign a DPO. Predominantly, it’s related to processing large amounts of data or sensitive data.

But there are a lot of details in this question, so the exact answer we can only give after examining your business.

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What will happen if your company violates GDPR requirements?

EUR 20 000 000
4% of the company's annual global turnover
Violation of GDPR provision triggers financial penalty. This may be a fixed amount (up to 20 millions euro) or a part of the company's annual turnover - depending on which is bigger

Digital Lawyers solution for GDPR-problems

Digital Lawyers is a worldwide community of lawyers (we have ambassadors in more than 25 countries).
We offer you a complex legal solution in order to ensure full compliance with the GDPR requirements
  • Personal data
    due diligence

    we’ll audit the data flow and define the nature of your business, where and how the data is stored

  • Data Protection
    Policies and Guides

    we’ll prepare all the internal documents and disclaimers that must be on the website and in your company

  • Carrying out
    staff trainings

    we’ll teach your personnel how personal data must be treated

Address us and stay GDPR-compliant!

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